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Personalized online ESL classes for students of all ages

Hi, We're OGMA.

We started as four ESL teachers in Cebu. We have all gotten our degree in teaching with 8+ years’ experience in the field. Each of us has worked separately as freelancers, teachers, and admin staff until we decided to build our own school.

We built OGMA in 2019 with the idea that ESL students should be matched with individual teachers that can create teaching styles that can match, motivate, and monitor learning. 


Studying any language requires time and dedication. It helps when students set realistic short-term goals that they want to achieve. ​​
Teacher Jade
Nowadays, it's an asset to be able to speak English language fluently. Online ESL learning is a convenient way to improve or maintain one's English language skills.
Teacher Ritch
Each student learns English in different ways and in different speeds. When studying, having motivation is key, so it's important to know why you are studying English.
Teacher Cheska

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